heART ATTACK 1×03 – Halloween Special – The Zombie ENG (2007)

Episode three: how to build a zombie

directed by: lupus
year: 2007
runtime: 9’59”

Besides a pimple and a fire-spitting russian, what would any chubby kid yearn to create in his little room? A zombie, of course. This time, being close to Halloween, we equipped ourselves a bit better than usual, building a couple of amateurish special fx, too, courtesy of Indymogul and with some little idea of our own. To tell the truth everything came out of a bit of dry ice we had stumbled upon: after spending a night playing with it, we were all positive that its most logic use would be to simulate a zombie-infested graveyard’s mist. The rest just poured out of our sick minds.  VERSIONE ITALIANA DISPONIBILE